Hi, my name is Fabian. Nice to meet you!
Me and my wife in Paris


I was born somewhen in the 80’s in Switzerland. I know I know… fascinating landscapes, chocolate, and a lot of cheese. I love all of those things, especially Fondue and Raclette – if you don’t know what this is, you should google it. You won’t regret it.

Married to my beautiful wife who is originally from Mexico but lives here with me in Switzerland. Did I mention that I love Mexican food as well?

M365 & ME

I’ve always been fascinated with Microsoft 365. Ever since it was still called BPOS. Back then I mostly worked with SharePoint and learned that the SharePoint-online-world was kinda limited compared to what was possible On-Premise. Luckily, this changed over the years. In fact, now it’s the other way around…

Anyway, as Microsoft pushed the cloud more and more, published more services, and launched the Power Platform, I slowly shifted my main focus over there. In the end, I really love to automate and simplify processes. No one wants to repeat boring tasks over and over again, right?

It was during that shift when I realized how powerful the Power Platform is. Specifically Power Apps and Power Automate. Well and… ever since I never turned my back on the Power Platform again. Strong and steady doing my automations, making work-lives easier, more interesting, and fun!